Educational workshops

Sniffing, observing, touching, listening: this way the child knows and understands a larger part of the world around him.

Fattoria Saint Michel School offers educational workshops for children accompanied by their families.

The workshops that we propose to children involve them totally, making them feel active protagonists of an experience that will remain indelible in their memories.
The workshops are always linked to the cycle of the seasons, so in September there will be the workshop "from grapes to wine", in October the one on chestnuts and so on so that children learn in a very simple way that every month nature gives a certain fruit or vegetable following the life cycle of nature. They will also learn the processes of transformation that lead a product to become something else such as the pressing of olives to obtain oil.
Children will have fun kneading and cooking, they will give a lot of importance to emphasize that a good nutrition education is fundamental for health. Finally, each workshop will be completed with a visit to the farm animals that children can observe or caress.